Smart System

Smart system has been implemented in accordance with Italian specification to suit the harsh climatic conditions of the Middle East. Harmoniously designed to complement Islamic and Arabesque architecture, The system is economical and of a very high quality. It has been carefully engineered to prevent water penetration, air infiltration and protects your house from high humidity situation, which is a common condition in most of the Middle East and gulf countries. Smart system has been established in the year 2002 at Sharjah International Airport Free Zone (SAIF Zone) United Arab Emirates.
With a short span of time and with the market demand for the Architectural Systems in the region, Smart took the Challenge to upgrade the Systems and also the Fabricators to Fabricate Excellent Product with a low cost Tested product to the end user.
Smart spreads the wings all around the globe and have done prestigious projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & Qatar, even the Ministry of Education Approved Smart System for Saudi Arabian Schools. The World Bank in Bangladesh in which Conventional Curtain Wall and Thermal Break Systems are used.

The Smart system has the following benefits

  • Implemented in accordance with Italian design specification to withstand climatic condition of the Middle East.
  • It is designed to suit in perfection of arches and Islamic architecture.
  • Moment of inertia, Air infiltration, Water penetration, Dust prevention, are taken into consideration from the design stage and carefully engineered by the most experienced team.
  • Provides free consultancy to the end user with solutions to the architect, from the design stage to the installation with time to time inspection.
  • Has a complete range of products such as Sliding & Casement Doors & Windows Series with Thermal Break & Non Thermal Break System, Conventional, Semi Structural Glazing, Curtain Walls, 4 Side Structural Glazing, Sky Lights.
  • The Smart Sliding & Casement Composites when merged together, the combinations give a chess board effect.
  • Smart system is equipped with Euro groove and any European Accessories are suitable for the system.
  • Needle Bearings are being used for the Sliding rollers of the Smart system, and they are customs Design which has been tested for 10,000 Cycles.
  • Attached Test Certificates, Which is Self Explanatory.


  • To provide aluminium doors and windows engineered, fabricated and installed to withstand, wind loading and impact loading without failure.
  • All units shall meet the performance requirement of Air penetration, water tightness and deflection for conditions of “severe” (a) exposure that is an equivalent to 80 km/h when tested in accordance with EUROPEAN STANDARD (UNI-EN).
  • Extruded aluminium members shall be fabricated from treated alloys 6063TF, 6063 TE or 6063TB complying with BS1474.
  • All exposed aluminium surfaces to be polyester powder coated complying with BS6496 to RAL color selected by the engineer or anodizing process is creating an aluminium oxide layer through DC sulfuric acids anodizing. To ensure the product quality, the following checks and test are carried out throughout the process according to BS3987.
  • All screws, nuts, bolts, washers and other fasteners shall be high grade stainless steel, to the approval of the engineer.
  • All hardware shall be supplied & fixed by the manufacturer and shall match the finish of the surface to the approval of the Engineer.
  • Horizontal sliding units shall be supported on rust proof and dust proof bearing devices and shall be fitted with sliding fly screen manufactured from aluminium frames in filled with 0.4mm aluminium wire mesh, stretched tightly and evenly and shall be free from visible joints.
  • EPDM marine quality gaskets shall be positioned on both sides of the glass and shall be correctly sized to that when faced into space between the glass and surround sufficient pressure is provided to support the glass structurally and to form an effective seal against the weather.
  • Setting block made from EPDM or hand wood shall be used between the bottle edge of the glass and the frame or surround, to support and centralize the glass in the opening (refer attached standard setting blocks sketch #001).
  • Contractor shall submit for engineer’s approval complete AutoCAD produced shop drawings, including detailed drawings showing dimensions, sizes, profiles and methods of attachment or anchorage to adjacent or surrounding construction. Also, required samples of aluminium sections, not less than 12” long including specified finish, fabricated into mock up of each intersection condition complete with all required accessories, as recommended by system supplier. (SMART)
  • The contractor will be required to provide on sample window complete in all respects for performance as directed by engineer.
  • All weather piles/brushes to be of an approved supplier & quality as recommended by system supplier.
  • Drainage water provision must be considered an incorporated as per fabrication drawing.
  • All aluminium joints must be sealed with an approved mastic acrylic fluid for weathering enhancement.
  • All gasket joints must be welded (vulcanized) sealed using approved glue.
  • All metal parts in direct contract with the aluminium must be either stainless steel, hot dipped galvanized or aluminium.
  • Maintain a minimum gap of 5mm between the aluminium frame & the structural opening.
  • Ensure that all the windows/doors are weather proofed externally using 1st class silicon sealant, supported by appropriate backing rods.
  • All glazing panel to be properly installed and wedged.
  • Ensure that the bottom sill is always slopping outwards, to enhance water tightness.
  • For all sliding windows/doors, use always tubular bottom rail and do not fix with screws in these rails.
  • For all sliding rollers, use precision needle bearing to carry the load of 50 kgs./roller.

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